The feature film script “Land of Wooden Gods” (Trägudars Land) has been reviewed in a couple of festivals for improvement and feedback of submitted screenplay.

A response from The Golden Script Competition ends as follows:

“The screenplay’s original premise and intriguing approach make it stand out clearly among other films that possess a similar setting. Therefore, it is likely that it will do sufficiently well in a commercially competitive environment. Furthermore, the fact that it is based on a critically acclaimed literary classic indicates that the basis of the plot has already garnered good reception, which increases the screenplay’s chances of success.” (The Golden Script Competition)

The next step in this development is an invitation from American Screenwriters Conference, May 5th, Sacramento, California.

Hi Börje,
CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve been accepted!
As an accepted screenwriter for our American Screenwriters Conference, May 5th, you are in competition for major awards which will be unveiled on May 5th at the Sacramento Film Festival awards ceremony. Also, you are invited to attend both the Screenwriters Conference and ENTIRE Sacramento Film Festival ..This one-of-a-kind program will introduce visiting screenwriters to over 100 of the hottest screenwriters and special film industry guests …

Together, the film festival and screenwriters conference make an excellent way to meet industry professionals and learn the craft in an exciting and fun environment. Again, NO SCREENPLAY winners will be announced until our award ceremony, happening on board the beautiful Delta King Riverboat on the Final day of the Fest, May 5th! This day ALSO coincides with the Screenplay Conference so even if you can’t attend the entire 10-day film festival, we encourage you to come for the final weekend. PLEASE READ all the details below and again CONGRATULATIONS!

Well I have checked the possibilities to visit this event and it would take around 24 hour travels and an expensive stay. I told the execuive director of the event that i hesitated to go and got this promising answer:

Hello there,
travel is always difficult. ..
That said, EVERY entrant will get a fair shot. Hope to see you none-the-less.

So I made an application to get financial support and if so I think I have to go.

Börje Peratt