Draupner Film AB was established in 2000 to separate the project “Land of Wooden Gods” from Manus AV-produktion AB, run by Ritva and Börje Peratt. At the time, this project had been transferred from Bert Sundberg (Moviemakers) and Hans Welin (Njordfilm). Since then, the worldwide rights have been owned by Draupner Film.

Currently, Draupner Film also has a project about the Swedish fairytale painter John Bauer.

“A film project about John and Ester Bauer was started in 2012, by Börje Peratt. Called ‘John Bauer – Bergakungen’ (John Bauer – The Mountain King), the movie focuses on the fairytale artist and his love for Ester. It is anticipated that Gustaf Skarsgård will play the role of Bauer.”