The epic tale about a slave couple facing a severe threat to their newborn child they flee their Viking Chieftain and the hunt begins.


The pilot is the film’s opening scene and the objective is to illustrate the mood and environment on a Viking farm in a Nordic Country year 800. We hear a woman in labor and can see a blacksmith working on a knife, hesitating, listening. We see the Viking Chieftain sourrounded by family, fighters and slaves executing his power.



"The screenplay’s original premise and intriguing approach make it stand out clearly among other films that possess a similar setting. Therefore, it is likely that it will do sufficiently well in a commercially competitive environment. Furthermore, the fact that it is based on a critically acclaimed literary classic indicates that the basis of the plot has already garnered good reception, which increases the screenplay’s chances of success." (The Golden Script Competition)

The Author

The film is based on the book written by swedish author Jan Fridegård. The Trilogy consists of Land of Wooden Gods, Sacrificial Smoke and People of the Dawn.

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