This account of the world-renowned Swedish fairytale painter John Bauer is set at the beginning of the 20th century. John falls hopelessly in love with fellow artist Ester Ellqvist but problems arise when his artistic fantasy-world clashes with real life. They finally find a way to be together; however, fate has a different destiny in store for them...

The Pilot

The pilot's aim is to illustrate the mood and environment of the time. It shows the film’s opening scene when John and Ester still very young meet at Royal Academy of art in Stockholm in autumn 1900.



”A fairytale artist has three wishes the third is to win his beloved as a wife then he dares not ask God for more.”

International Influence

John Bauer was awarded the Medal of Honor at the San Francisco World Fair in 1915. He inspired the Swedish illustrator Gustav Tenggren, who was hired by Walt Disney, to create artwork for Snow White, Pinnochio, Fantasia and Bambi. The ‘Mountain King’ title stems from an idea by the Russian choreographer Michail Fokin, the Swedish Royal Opera, to create an opera ballet inspired by Bauer’s paintings.

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