The story about the Swedish fairytale painter John Bauer takes place in the 19th century. John falls hopelessly in love with Esther but problems appear when his artistic fantasy world blends together with real life. Finally they find a way to be together, however, destiny have something else in store for them...

The Pilot

The pilot's objective is to illustrate the mood and environment. It's the film’s opening scene and we started filming in October 2017.


Letter to Esther

”...I’m the Mountain King, you are my princess... If you only knew about all the beautiful things I see in my head.... The dancing elves in an opera...”

International Influence

John Bauer was awarded the medal of honor at San Francisco World Exhibition 1915. He inspired the Swedish illustrator Gustav Tenggren, hired by Walt Disney to create artwork for Snow White, Pinnochio, Fantasia and Bambi. The Mountain King - title surges as an idea by the Russian choreographer Michail Fokin at Swedish Royal Opera, to create an opera inspired by Bauer’s paintings.

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